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About us

Végégourmet was born of a desire to explore new horizons and offer alternatives to high-quality dairy products. After several years of experience in the dairy industry, our founders turned to plant-based products. They decided to market plant-based products that contain little or no dairy products and are lactose-free.

On a trip to Europe, our founders discovered a vegan product with an exceptional taste. They wanted to introduce this type of quality product to the North American market and to produce it in Canada. In addition, they also became aware of the environmental and health issues associated with animal-based products.

This led to us creating our vegan cream cheese and mozzarella and cheddar vegan cheeses. We were eager to offer a wide variety of products to our customers, and our list of products continues to expand.

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Végégourmet - Our promise

With many years of experience in the food service industry, we understand the challenges of the industry and are able to not only provide you with products, but also to advise you to better meet the needs of your customers.